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The unoTech GmbH Company, a business enterprise within the Ludden & Mennekes Group headquartered in Meppen, Germany, builds new-generation channel baling presses under the name UPAMAT.Upamat Ludden and Mennekes

Characterised by high material throughput and long service life, our presses meet the ever increasing demands of modern raw-materials companies. High-volume processing combined with fast product turnaround are prime factors in the performance of our balers.
The baling compartment, baling punch, guide and cutting edges have all been optimised in consultation with engineers from waste-disposal companies.Showing the Red Upamat Channel Bailing Press

Another important point in the new design is the increase in resistance to wear in all modules. At the same time, channel formats of 750 x 1,100 mm and 1,100 x 1,100 mm conform to generally accepted standards.  A characteristic of all our machines is the efficient application of specific compaction pressure with bale weights of up to 1,900 kg. This enables loading weights to be increased by up to 20%.

A groundbreaking feature is fully automatic strapping using wire thicknesses of from 3.1 to 4.2 mm without the necessity of additional adjustment work or retooling. This in turn creates sufficient security and ample spare capacity for coping with a wide variety of baled materials. All elements of the strapping system can be released in next to no time, eliminating laborious installation work to compensate for wear.

UPAMAT channel baling presses in the “UPAMAT – V” model range can bale up to 52 tons per hour.


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