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German environmental technologies are in demand worldwide and have high export potential. The same holds true for many services currently offered by small and mid-sized enterprises, particularly within environmentally-relevant sectors.

The required investment, for waste management alone in some EU countries, Russia, Turkey, the ASEAN nations, China and India is enormous. In addition, it is well-known that German enterprises were forced very early in the process to develop solution strategies in concert with innovative environmental policy. This explains the leading role of German companies in the environmental sector.

To date, however, the potential has only been actualised at a low percentage – country-specific export concepts are lacking and some countries furthermore do not offer the customary support structures. This creates a particular opportunity for further development in service offering.

Militz Consulting Services

  • How can this situation be improved through alignment with the corresponding general conditions?
  • Which internationalisation concepts are successful in the environmental sector?
  • Which strategies for market entry in “difficult countries” have proven effective?
  • Which leading markets play a role in the arena of environmental technology and service?
  • Which local partners have demonstrated their reliability?
  • Who is in the position to access potentials in the course of a limited application?
  • Who can develop and lead a strategically important project which is challenging to implement?
  • Who can stand in as interim manager when rapid results must be delivered?

Due to our experience in international settings and in particular in the environmental sector, we can dependably answer these questions and together with you offer custom solutions.