eGate- Key for Intelligent Waste Management

Reducing costs – save environmental resources – eGate.

With eGate systems you will combine the advantages of individual waste quantity detection (door-to-door) with the unrivaled cost saving potential of the multi-user-container collection. With eGate systems the overcome per capita or sym. accounting is replaced by the intelligent principle of „pay as you throw“. Everybody only pays for the waste that is not separated and thus doesn´t enter the recycling cycle. By separating better every eGate-user can define his own bill for waste-services. The coordinated interaction of all components, sophisticated and modern technology as well as fair settlement systems guarantee all participants the optimal use of the system.

There is no need to stress, that costs and also environmental and noise pollution for waste disposal with multi user containers are less than with single tons.
Another advantage is the increase of the recycling rate because users have the personal interest to save money by separating waste.
With your individual access key you only pay, if you use the waste container not when you are on holiday. A fair system also for e.g. time to time used vacation flats.

Our aim: motivate citizens to save money and environmental resources.

Win-Win System

  • cost savings for citizens
  • clear allocation of costs for communities
  • Less container to empty for disposal
  • The most modern and cleanest disposal concept for the community
  • Discharge to the environment

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