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Creating the future from the past.

Sophisticated minerals recycling


Be it from incineration processes, industrial processes, demolishing buildings or rebuilding roads: mineral waste is generated in a whole variety of different ways. This means that specialists are needed to handle such minerals. REMEX offers various solutions for recycling mineral waste – each adapted to meet the requirements of the individual sectors. We can be found across the whole of Germany as well as in the neighbouring countries and so are always very close to our customers.


Construction sector

REMEX creates space at construction sites: we carry out all the tasks involved in managing construction waste – all the way through to recycling the minerals at the actual building site itself. more

Industrial businesses

Mineral waste is a by-product of many different industrial processes. Thanks to our reliable waste management services, we free our industrial customers of their slag, dust and co.more

Waste incineration plants

Incineration processes generate ash, slag and dust which are perfect for secondary construction materials which in turn can be used for a wide range of different applications. more

Railway construction firms (track ballast)

Efficient solutions are required for managing and recycling railway ballast when trackbeds have to be renewed. REMEX has just the services that are needed and ensures everything runs smoothly. more

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