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Magnet and sensor sorting solutions for recovery of secondary raw materials

STEINERT has a strong presence wherever the need arises for intelligent solutions for separating valuable materials from contaminants. The goal of every processing operation is to produce clean, market-ready end products and STEINERT have continued to develop new and to enhance existing separation technologies in response to the demands of these global industries. STEINERT is the full-range supplier for sorting and separation technology.

And that’s no surprise, because after all, STEINERT has been a pioneer in the market since the very onset, consistently pursuing and achieving its goal of being a global technology leader.

Extensive process know-how

Founded in Cologne, Germany in 1889, a company like STEINERT excels with its extensive process know-how and many worldly years of experience. Today, not only are our global engineers experienced with each and every

machine, they also keep your entire process in mind when developing a wide range of industry solutions – conducting informative test work with your materials.

Industry Solutions with STEINERT

Municipal Solid Wastes/Waste-to-Energy (WTE) Success is made easy by utilising innovative sorting technologies from STEINERT to recover the valuable materials hidden in refuse brings ecological and economic leadership – utilising both magnetic separation and sensor sorting solutions.

E-scrap recycling End-of-life electronics contain valuable materials such as stainless steel, copper, aluminium, gold, etc, that can be recovered and recycled. With STEINERT e-scrap recovery solutions, we can help you find what you seek – both magnetic separation and sensor sorting solutions.

Scrap metal STEINERT’s Eddy Current Separators offer exactly what is essential for recovery: high yields and high purity, and all thanks to their innovative eccentric pole system, of which more than 2000 examples are in use today worldwide. Enquire about the latest STEINERT NES 4T.

Packaging/Plastics The shift in trends from hand sorting to the high speed mechanical sorting allows STEINERT to show case its technology and solutions with the UNISORT Flake, PR sorting systems and the NEW Analyser.

International Presence

Do you need a partner that can be reached anytime, anywhere around the world, and one who responds quickly? With subsidiaries, agents and joint ventures around the globe and production facilities in Germany, Australia, US and Brazil, this is rounded out by a worldwide customer service network with specially trained service partners. Our international presence guarantees you will receive expert advice, on-site support during the commissioning phase, as well as quick supply of spare parts and repair service and support.

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